::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 31, Number 04, 2019

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517Patent Rights Protection and High-Tech Exports: New Evidence from Taiwan
 Judy Hsu、Jong-Rong Chen
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555Does a College Degree Still Pay? A Causal Analysis of the Impact of College Expansion on Earnings and Occupational Prestige in Taiwan
 Ping-Yin Kuan、Ssu-Chin Peng、Seongsoo Choi
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601“The Paradox of Human Rights” and “the Rights of the Rightless”: Žižek on the Radical Politicization of the Inhuman
 Hsing-Yi Chiang
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641On Legality and Legitimacy of the Right of Resistance in Kant’s Legal and Political Philosophy - A Heterodox Reading
 Hsin-Pai Chen
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----     Appendix
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