::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 32, Number 02, 2020

----     Cover
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----     Editorial Board
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159A Review of the Transfer Problem: Keynes, the Versailles Treaty, and the German Reparations
 Tai-kuang Ho、Kuo-chun Yeh
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207Who Supports Same-sex Marriage? Exploring the Mass Bases of the Same-sex Marriage Issue in Taiwan
 Pei-ting Lin
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239The Theoretical Dilemma of “Revising Republicanism” and “Neo-Republicanism” and Its Causes
 Hsiu-Ling Liu
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271An Empirical Study on the Forecast Performance of Tax Revenue in Taiwan
 Joe Chen、Pei-Hsuan Yang、Shih-Chang Huang
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320Correction to: Ethnic Status Inheritance in Aboriginal-Han Marriages and Families: Inference of Gender and Quantity of Offspring
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321Report of the Editorial Committee for 2019
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----     Appendix
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