::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 32, Number 03, 2020

----     Cover
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----     Editorial Board
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----     Editor’s Report: Special Issue: Political Change and Civic Consciousness
 Lu-huei Chen
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329Citizen Consciousness and Citizen Participation in Taiwan
 Ming-li Hsu、Wen-jong Juang
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367The Impact of Citizenship on Political Participation among Taiwan’s Public: Evidence from Two Citizenship Surveys in 2012 and 2018
 Gui Yang、Yun-hsuan Chen
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411War and Democracy: The Discourse of Democracy of Communist Party of China and Challenges from Zhanguo School in the Sino-Japanese War
 Chun Chun Shih
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451Freedom of Contract, Democratic Politics and State Duty: Green’s Critical Reflection on the Class Representation Issue in the 19th Century British Labour Legislation Movement
 Jia-hau Liu
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489Images of Governing and Governability: A Case Study of the Propaganda during the 17th Century English Civil War
 Yun-I Lai
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----     Appendix
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