::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 33, Number 03, 2021

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383Relationship between News Sentiment Indicator and the Taiwan Weighted Stock Index
 Kuan-chen Chen、Chung-i Lin、Hong-ming Chen
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425Strategic Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility and the Privatization Neutrality Theorem
 Yu-chun Hou、K. L. Glen Ueng、Horn-in Kuo
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451The Moral Economy of Rukai Society: Social Organization, Traditional Agriculture, and Natural Hazards Prevention
 Qing-xiong Ba, Sasala Taiban and Hong-zen Wang
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491The Paradox of Political Liberalism and the Relevance of Martin Luther
 Chu-yang Wei
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529Political Disagreements and a Proposal of Public Reason Liberalism
 Hahn Hsu
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----     Appendix
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