::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 33, Number 04, 2021

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567Wobbled but Never Fell Down: The Development of Affordable Care Act under the Trump Administration
 Fang-Yi Huang、Jiun-Da Lin
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619A Revisit to Tax Policy and Stability in a Model with Sector-Specific Externalities
 Wei-Neng Wang
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645The Impact of Tourism Policies on International Tourist Arrivals in Taiwan: Evidence from Difference-in-differences Approach
 Pei-Yu Chi、Yi-An Lai、Kuo-I Chang
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701China Discourse from the Late Twentieth Century: A Dialogue between International Relations and History
 Yu-Ting Lee
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737Becoming a Masculinity and Gender Symbolism in the Lineage
 Chen-yin Chiang
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