::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 34, Number 01, 2022

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1The Dynamics of Transitional Justice in Aceh: From Helsinki MoU to Aceh KKR
 Yung-Ming Yen
 Abstract    PDF    (1 MB)   (Downloads: 173)

39Gender Differences in the Guessing Effect of “Don’t Know” Designs in Political Knowledge
 Shiow-duan Hawang、Min-suei He
 Abstract    PDF    (1 MB)   (Downloads: 206)

75Anti-Party Sentiment on the Internet in the Nine-in-One Election in 2018: Dimension and Source in Big Data
 Jia-wei Liu
 Abstract    PDF    (2.2 MB)   (Downloads: 238)

117Populism and Development of Democratic Politics: The Case of India
 Mei-chuan Wei
 Abstract    PDF    (915.8 KB)   (Downloads: 310)

153For a Left Populism: Reflections on Theory and Strategy
 Yu-he Hsiao
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----     Appendix
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