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Volume 34, Number 2,  June 2022


Editorial Board

Comparing the Efficiency of Taiwan’s FHBs and Non-FHBs in the Context of the Network Stochastic Metafrontier Model and Copula Methods
Tai-Hsin Huang、Yun-Li Wang、Kuo-Jui Huang

The Insider Licensor’s Licensing Strategy under Real and Virtual Competition
Yi-Jie Wang、Wen-Jung Liang、Kuang-Cheng Andy Wang

Policy Discourses and the Evolution of Policies toward Low Fertility in Japan
Li-Hsuan Cheng
Will People Evicted Today Evict the Government Tomorrow? Land Development and Votes after the Democratization of Taiwan, 1993–2015
Wei-Che Fu、Thung-Hong Lin

Did Protestant Ethics Disappear from Modern Society? On the Current Meaning of Weber’s Thought
Cheng Lin

Report of the Editorial Committee for 2021


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