活動日期TitleNo. of reviews
2020-09-03CAPAS— Seminar Series: New Perspectives in Maritime History: Buddhist Land in Marine East Asia: Buddhist Kingship and Worldview of Silla in the 7th Century / Dr. Chih-Hung Li(Dept. of History, NTU)101
2019-04-03"Japanese Colonialism in Comparative Perspective" / Prof. Kent Deng(Department of Economic History, London School of Economics)103
2018-10-26“In the Shadow of the Qing Empire: Chaozhou Merchant-associations along the China Seas, 1730s-1830s” / Guanmain XU(Ph. D Fellow, Leiden University)611
2018-10-24 "The Amoy-Batavia Junk Trade in the End of Qianlong Era" / Prof. Leonard Blussé(Leiden University)154
活動日期TitleNo. of reviews
2018-11-152018 International Symposium on Maritime History — The Core and Periphery of Maritime Asia: Empires, Port Cities and Outlying Islands.948
2016-08-312016 International Symposium on Maritime History — Maritime Worlds around the China Seas: Emporiums, Connections and Dynamics2194
2015-04-24“The 11th International Symposium for Seaport Cities Studies &The 5th International Conference of the World Committee of Maritime Culture Institutes ”1148
2014-09-182014 International Symposium on Maritime History — Transmissions of Information and Mutual Understanding Across the Asian Waters1534
2013-11-29The 14th International Conference on Historical Study of Sino-Ryukyuan Relations1197
活動日期TitleNo. of reviews
2019-11-29 International Workshop on Maritime History “Ming-Qing Transition in East Asia and Asian Seas”276
2017-09-01International Workshop on Maritime History — The Periphery and Core of Maritime Asia: Empires, Trade Zones and Port Cities.961
2015-07-01Workshop on Maritime Worlds Around the China Seas: Emporiums, Connections and Dynamic2009

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