Conference / Seminar
DateTitleNo. of reviews
2020-03-04*CAPAS--2020 Trans-boundary Migration and Circulation Seminar:「The Pilgrimage to Mount Kawakarpo: A Metaphor for Bardo?」/ Dr. Katia Buffetrille(Researcher, The École Pratique des Hautes Études, Sorbonne, Paris)23
2020-03-06CIBS Seminar - The nonlinear effect of convenience stores on residential property prices: A case study of Taipei, Taiwan / Ti-Ching Peng (Associate Professor of Dept. of Real Estate and Built Environment, National Taipei University )1
2020-02-21CIBS Seminar - Do People have Children when they become Rich? Evidence from Lottery Winners in Taiwan / Tzu-Ting Yang (Assistant Research Fellow of the Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica)0
2020-02-14CIBS Seminar - Competition and Investment: Empirical Evidence from Hotel Industry in Taiwan / Fang-Chang Kuo (Assistant Professor of Department of Economics, National Chung Cheng University)22
2020-01-10CIBS Seminar - Cryptocurrency, Imperfect Information, and Fraud (Assistant Professor. Chien-Chiang Wang / Department of Economics, NTU)46
2020-01-06Globalisation and Neo-Totalitarianism in the Information Age1052
2020-01-03The Feminist Movement and the Political State148
2019-12-27CIBS Seminar - Do Judges Matter? An Empirical Study of State Courts in the U.S. / Prof. Yun-Chien Chang (Research Professor, IIAS)32
2019-12-20CIBS Seminar - Energy Prices and Technology Adoption: Evidence from the California Electric Vehicle Market / Prof. David Rapson (Department of Economics at the University of California, Davis)42
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