::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 10, Number 04, 1998

515Regulation on Cable Television Franchising, Intergration and Competition in the U.S.-Analysis of the Market, Law and Policy
 Yao-kuo Eric Chiang
 Abstract    PDF    (5.2 MB)   (Downloads: 1336)

575The Development of Distributive Policy Studies and Its Application
 Ching-Jyuhn Luor
 Abstract    PDF    (3.4 MB)   (Downloads: 1316)

611Gender Culture as Economic Determinant: Household Resource Allocation Strategies Among Ethnic Groups in Taiwan
 Holin Lin
 Abstract    PDF    (4 MB)   (Downloads: 1014)

661Asymmetric Information and Vertical Restraints
 Chi-Chih Lin
 Abstract    PDF    (1.8 MB)   (Downloads: 1211)

687The Evidence on Spatial Income Distribution in Taipei Area
 Chi-yuan Tsai
 Abstract    PDF    (1 MB)   (Downloads: 1248)

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