::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 12, Number 03, 2000

387Political Participatiion in Developing Countries: On S. Huntington's Theory
 Chiu-yeoung Kuo
 Abstract    PDF    (4.7 MB)   (Downloads: 1574)

433The Diffusion of Multiple Technologies -Evidence from CNC and CAD / CAM
 Jong-rong Chen、Chih-hai Yang、Wen-nueng Cheng
 Abstract    PDF    (2.2 MB)   (Downloads: 964)

459On the Estimation of mitigation Costs for CO2 Emissions due to Energy Use in the Taiwan Economy: A Multi-objective Programming Approcach
 Hao-yen Yang
 Abstract    PDF    (3 MB)   (Downloads: 1498)

495On Professional Ehtics
 Kuang S. Yeh
 Abstract    PDF    (2.9 MB)   (Downloads: 1522)

527The Equity and Efficiency of the Reconstruction of Military Servicemen's Settlements
 Tom Yee-huei Chin、Chi-yuan Tsai
 Abstract    PDF    (3.2 MB)   (Downloads: 1733)

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