::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 14, Number 01, 2002

----     Cover
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1Political Institutions and Economic Governance: The Political Economy of Hybrid Presidentialism in Postauthoritarian Taiwan
 Pei-shan Lee
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33Symmetry and Relativity of Entry and Exit -Empirical Evidence from Taiwan's Manufacturing Industries
 Jong-rong Chen、Wen-bin Chuang、Chih-hai Yang
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55Private Antitrust Litigation under the Concept of Deterrence-Policy Implications from the "Optimal Damages" Theory
 Andy C. M. Chen
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111Articles on the Constitution of the Republic of China: Political Logic and Legal Analysis of the Items about Legislative System Reform for the Constitutional Amendment for the Fifth and Sixth Time
 Ping-nan lee、Chien-yuan Tseng
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----     Appendix
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