::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 15, Number 01, 2003

----     Cover
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1An Overseas Chinese Clan and Their New Settlement in Native Place: A Case Study on Wang's Shanhou Jungbau, Kinmen (Quemoy), Fuijian
 Bo-wie Chiang
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59On the Subsidiarity of the Action for a Declaratory Judgment: TheMeaning and Substance of Section 6, Subsection 3 of the Administrative Litigation Act
 Shwu-fann Liou
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113Measuring the Cost of Children in Taiwan
 Jin-long Liu、Ching-chun Hsu
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145Divided and Unified Government in Taiwan: The Executive-Ligislative Interactions at the Local Government, 1968-2001
 Chung-li Wu、Chi Huang、I-chih Chang
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----     Appendix
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