::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 15, Number 02, 2003

----     Cover
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iCitizens and the State: A Synopsis
 Hsiu-jong Chen
 N/A     PDF    (1.9 MB)   (Downloads: 1151)

185Carl Schmitt's Decisionism
 Wahng-Shan Chang
 Abstract    PDF    (5.2 MB)   (Downloads: 2009)

221Destiny and Ethical Life-Reflections on Some Problems of Practical Philosophy from the Conception of Tragedy of Young Hegel
 Chueh-an Yen
 Abstract    PDF    (5.8 MB)   (Downloads: 2011)

263Citizen, Consumer, State and Market
 Chwen-Wen Chen
 Abstract    PDF    (6.9 MB)   (Downloads: 1844)

309Ought Social Rights to be Protected by the State? -On Some Contemporary Cirticisms of Social Rights
 I-chung Chen
 Abstract    PDF    (4.5 MB)   (Downloads: 2015)

339Autonomy and Democracy
 Jay-hwa Chen
 Abstract    PDF    (3.9 MB)   (Downloads: 1736)

365Liberal Education, Civil Edification and State's Governance: Michael Oakeshott on Education
 Roy Tseng
 Abstract    PDF    (5.2 MB)   (Downloads: 1497)

----     Appendix
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