::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 18, Number 01, 2006

----     Cover
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1Cigarette Price Hike: The Effect of Tobacco Health Welfare Tax on Cigarette Consumption
 Jie-min Lee、Chun-yuan Ye、Tsorng-chyi Hwang
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37An Analysis of the Effect of Output Volatility on Turning Points Idetification: International Evidence
 Shyh-wei Chen
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77Rescaling, State, and Spatial Development Strategy in Post-Reform China
 Titan Bo-xiu Jian、Tze-lung Zhou
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119How Do We Interpret the Popular Support of Political Islam in the Muslim Societies? A Multilevel Analysis
 Min-hua Huang
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171Direct Foreign Investment and Structure Change of Labor Demand: The Evidence of Taiwan
 Chu-chia Lin、Chi-horng Hwang
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----     Appendix
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