::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 19, Number 03, 2007

----     Cover
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317Old Arguments, New Circumstances: On the Relevance and Irrelevance of Max Weber's Vision o f Modern Politics
 Alan Scott
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341Philosophy, Sociology, and the Intelligentsia: Hannah Arendt's Encounter with Karl Mannheim and the Sociology of Knowledge
 Peter Baehr
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375Lacan and Ethics of Psychoanalysis: Analysis of the Tangle between Kant and Sade
 Hsing-Yi Chiang
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403An Ex Post Evaluation of Taiwan's Integrated Income Tax Reform on Economic Development and Income Distribution
 Tzu-han Yang、Han-pang Su、Shih-hsun Hsu、Hui-chuan Ma
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----     Appendix
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