::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 20, Number 04, 2008

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441Social Assistance Dynamics in Taiwan: Trend, Type and Causes
 Chao-hsien Leu、Michael Chun-chuan Chen、Temu Wang
 Abstract    PDF    (11.3 MB)   (Downloads: 1541)

481Student Characteristics and Their Choices of College Entrance Channels
 Hung-hua Tien、Flora F. Tien
 Abstract    PDF    (4.4 MB)   (Downloads: 1578)

513The Political Consequences of Limited Reforms: How Political Mobilization Reshapes the Pattern of Participation of Chinese Citizens
 Shu Kieng、Yi-ling Chen、Lu-huei Chen
 Abstract    PDF    (6.5 MB)   (Downloads: 1204)

553Demand for Fruit in Urban China: Application of a Two-stage Budgeting Model
 Kang Ernest Liu、Hsiao-chien Tsui、Li-fei Chen
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----     Appendix
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