Research Results

Research results in 2018 (Other Papers: 3):  

  1. Ji-ping Lin, 2018, ““Open Science and Computational Social Science as Foundation of Promoting Public Participation and Governance Innovation: The Case of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Open Research Data (TIPD),””, invited paper presented in 2018 IDAS International Conference- Transformation and Challenges in the Asia Pacific: The Next Decade and Beyond, NCCU, Taipei..
  2. Pao K. Wang, Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin, Yi-Chun Liao, Hsiung-Ming Liao, Yu-Shiuan Lin, Ching-Tzu Hsu, Shih-Ming Hsu, Chih-Wei Wan, Shih-Yu Lee, I-Chun Fan, Te-Tian Ting, and Pei-Hua Tan, 2018, “Construction of the REACHES climate database based on historical documents of China”, Scientific Data.
  3. Ji-ping Lin, 2018, ““The migration of labor between Taiwan and Southeast Asia: changing policies””, The National Bureau of Asian Research, Washington D.C..
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