Research Results

Research results in 2019 (Proceedings Papers/Book Chapters: 6):  

  1. 湯熙勇,2019,〈巴西招徠臺灣人移民:1960年代我國政府的態度與人民的反應〉,許雪姬編,《臺灣史論叢:移民篇—來去臺灣》,頁441-466,台北:國立臺灣大學出版中心。
  2. Wan-wen Chu, 2019, “Catch-up and Learning in Taiwan: The Role of Industrial Policy”, editor(s): Kenichi Ohno and Arkebe Oqubay (eds.), How Nations Learn, pp. 107-124, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  3. 許文堂,2019,〈越南民間信仰中女神混育現象的探討〉(The Phenomenon of Syncretization in Vietnamese Goddess Belief),林長寬編,《探索東南亞宗教文化之多元性: 交流、在地化、融合與衝突》,頁355-371,新北市:成功大學文學院多元文化中心。
  4. Wan-wen Chu, 2019, “How Taiwan Managed to Grow: Structural Transformation and Industrial Policy”, editor(s): in Justin Yifu Lin and Celestin Monga (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Structural Transformation, pp. 571-590, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  5. Chingching Chang,2019,〈Narrative Ads and Narrative Processing (40% new materials from 1st ed.)〉,Esther Thorson, Shelly Rodgers編,《Advertising Theory 2nd ed. New York: Routledge》,頁190-212,The US:Routledge。
  6. Pin-Tsun Chang,2019,〈The rise of Chinese mercantile power in maritime Southeast Asia, c.1400-1700〉,Geoff Wade, James K. Chin編,《China and Southeast Asia: Historical Interactions (Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Asia)》,頁221-240,New York:Routledge。
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