Research Results

Research results in 2019 (Other Papers: 5):  

  1. Ji-ping Lin, 2019, “Taiwan’S Cultural Plurality and Immigration Policy”, Taiwan Insight: The online magazine of the Taiwan Studies Programme. University of Nottingham..
  2. 王智明、錢永祥、陳宜中,2019,〈保釣、兩岸與理想主義〉,《從科學月刊、保釣到左翼運動:林孝信的實踐之路》。
  3. Ming-Chang Tsai, 2019, “Fairness and the Perceived Economic Condition of Family in Asian Societies”, Social Indicators Network News, 139, 1-2.
  4. Ji-ping Lin, 2019, ““Inequality of Infant and Youth Mortality by Ethnicity: The Case of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples,””, paper presented in 2019 ISQoLS (International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies) Annual Conference, Granada, Spain,.
  5. Ji-ping Lin, 2019, ““Using kinship big network data to overcome mistrust in recruiting the hard-to-reach populations: the case of Formosan endangered language survey,” poster paper presented in General Online Research 2019”, poster paper presented in General Online Research 2019 (GOR19, https://www.gor.de/), Cologne, Germany.
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