Research Results

Research results in 2020 (Journal Papers: 35):  

  1. Tzu-Jung Tseng, Yun-Ting Yen, Yuan-Han Yang, Yen-Hsu Chen, Ta-Chien Chan*, 2020, “Association between the occurrence of albuminuria and the risk of early dementia among older people upon health examination: A community-based cohort study in Taiwan”, BMJ OPEN, 10:e041664. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-041664.
  2. Hung Chak Ho*, Kenneth N.K. Fong, Ta-Chien Chan*, Yuan Shi, 2020, “The associations between social, built and geophysical environment and age-specific dementia mortality among older adults in a high-density Asian city”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH GEOGRAPHICS, 19, 53.
  3. Hsiang-Ying Lee, Jia-Hong Tang, Yen-Hsu Chen, Wen-Jeng Wu, Yung-Shun Juan, Wei-Ming Li, Ta-Chien Chan*, 2020, “The metabolic syndrome is associated with the risk of urothelial carcinoma from a health examination database”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, doi: 10.1007/s10147-020-01834-3.
  4. Chia-Wen Chen, Wei-Min Hu, and Christopher Knittel, to appear, “Subsidizing Fuel-Efficient Cars: Evidence from China's Automobile Industry”, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.
  5. Roy Tseng, 2020, “Political Meritocracy vs. Ethical Democracy: The Confucian Political Ideal Revisited”, Philosophy and Social Criticism, 46(9), 1033-1052.
  6. 洪瑩發、范毅軍、張智傑、廖泫銘,2020,〈空間視野與地方知識:臺灣宗教與時空分析的回顧與展望〉,《華人宗教研究》,第16期,頁99-136。
  7. Yonghong Liu, Hui Ding, Shu-ting Chang, Ran Lu, Hui Zhong, Na Zhao, Tzu-Hsuan Lin, Yiming Bao, Liwei Yap, Weijia Xu, Minyi Wang, Yuan Li, Shuwen Qin, Yu Zhao, Xingyi Geng, Supen Wang, Enfu Chen*, Zhi Yu*, Ta-Chien Chan*, Shelan Liu*, 2020, “Exposure to air pollution and scarlet fever resurgence in China: a six-year surveillance study”, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 11, 4229.
  8. Stark, Tobias, Henning Silber, Jon A. Krosnick, Annelies G. Blom, Midori Aoyagi, Ana Belchior, Michael Bosnjak, Sanne Lund Clement, Melvin John, Guðbjörg Andrea Jónsdóttir, Karen Lawson, Peter Lynn, Johan Martinsson, Ditte Shamshiri-Petersen, Endre Tvinnereim, Ruoh-rong Yu, 2020, “Generalization of Classic Question Order Effects across Cultures”, Sociological Methods & Research, 49(3), 567-602.
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  11. Ping-Chen Chung, Ta-Chien Chan*, 2020, “Association between periodontitis and all-cause and cancer mortality: Retrospective elderly community cohort study”, BMC ORAL HEALTH, 20, 168.
  12. 陳嘉銘、葉明叡,2020,〈正義穩定性、道德情感與共同生活: 一個平等主義未來生活的想像〉(Stability of Justice, Moral Sentiments and Common Life: Envisioning an Egalitarian Future Life),《臺灣民主季刊》,17(2), 1-41。
  13. 于若蓉*、陳婉琪,2020,〈已婚女性相對收入與家庭滿意度〉,《人口學刊》,60, 1-41。
  14. Yu-Ting Lin,Yen-Chun Lo, Hsiu-Yin Chiang, Chau-Ren Jung, Chi-Min Wang, Ta-Chien Chan, Chin-Chi Kuo, Bing-Fang Hwang*, 2020, “Particulate Air Pollution and Progression to Kidney Failure With Replacement Therapy: An Advanced CKD Registry–Based Cohort Study in Taiwan”, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF KIDNEY DISEASES, https://doi.org/10.1053/j.ajkd.2020.02.447.
  15. Hong Wang, Jiawen Li, Meng Gao, Ta-Chien Chan, Zhiqiu Gao, Manyu Zhang, Yubin Li, Yefu Gu, Aibo Chen, Yuanjian Yang*, Hung Chak Ho*, 2020, “Spatiotemporal variability in long-term population exposure to PM2.5 and lung cancer mortality across the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region over 2010 – 2016: A multistage approach”, CHEMOSPHERE, 127153.
  16. Cui Guo, Yacong Bo, Ta-Chien Chan, Zilong Zhang,Changqing Lin, Tony Tam, Alexis K.H. Lau, Ly-yun Chang, Gerard Hoek, Xiang Qian Lao*, 2020, “Does Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Affect the Benefits of Habitual Physical Activity on Lung Function in Adults: A Longitudinal Cohort Study”, BMC MEDICINE, 18, 134.
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