Library of the Research Center

    Periodicals, Western 626 titles ;
Chinese 966 titles (including those from mainland China, and in Japanese or in Korean)
Books, Western 47140 volumes
Chinese 79750 volumes (including those from mainland China, and in Japanese or in Korean)
Microfilm, 315 titles
Microfiche, 738 titles
Databases, 17 titles
Other, two OPAC, two photocopiers, one microfilm reader, one network printer 


Information Office


Servers: Windows 2008 Server / Windows 2003 Server / Web Server / Firewall
RAID Storages: 2
Notebooks/Laptops: Asus NB*4 / HP 2230s*2 / IBM X61 / Toshiba R500
Network Laser Printers: 8
Network Color Laser Printers: A3*1 / A4*2
CD/DVD duplicators: 2
Network Scanners: 5
Digital Cameras: Nikon D300 / Canon SX120 / SONY T700
Portable LCD Projectors: Optoma EX631




     The Research Center, continuing the journal and the book series of the San Yat-Sen Institute for Social Sciences and Philosophy, publishes “Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences” quarterly; and Book series (No. 1-No. 54).

     The Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies publishes “Asia-Pacific Forum” quarterly, Book Series, Research Bibliography Series, and Research Paper Series.

     The Center for Survey Research publishes “Survey Research, Methods and Application,” bi-annually.

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