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 db logoSRDA (Survey Research Data Archive)

Established in 1994 by the Center for Survey Research, the Survey Research Data Archive (SRDA) engages in the systematic acquisition, organization, preservation, and dissemination of academic survey data in Taiwan.

SRDA is the largest data archive in Taiwan. The major sources of SRDA data are academic research projects conducted by universities and research institutes, as well as official survey statistics conducted by government agencies. SRDA collects most of the survey projects founded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which makes SRDA a data deposit unit. It also seeks more cooperation with other agencies via memoranda of understanding. 

More than 2,000 data sets are available from SRDA’s website, covering social, political, economic, educational and other important areas of social sciences. SRDA releases its raw data, questionnaires, codebooks, reports, user guides and related bibliographies. The important data sets are: 

Academic Survey Government Surveys
    • Taiwan Social Change Survey
    • Panel Study of Family Dynamics
    • Taiwan Youth Project
    • Taiwan Social Image Survey
    • Taiwan Education Panel Survey
    • Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study
    • China Impact Survey
    • World Values Survey
  • Manpower Survey
  • Manpower Utilization Survey
  • Survey of Family Income and Expenditure
  • Turnover and Employees' Movement Survey
  • Survey on Workers' Living and Employment Conditions
  • Annual Survey of Visitors’ Expenditure and Trends in Taiwan
  • Survey of Travel by R.O.C. Citizens
  • Digital Opportunity Survey for Individuals and Households
  • Employment Status Survey of Indigenous Peoples
  • Culture Participation Survey

These data are not only reference material for designing questionnaires, but also authoritative data sources for secondary analysis. They can also be excellent material for classroom exercises.

Researchers at research institutes as well as faculty and students at universities can apply for SRDA membership. Any natural person can also apply for web membership to download public-access data sets.

SRDA screens all data for confidentiality and privacy concerns and confirms the data license with its data providers. Public-access data have no access restriction. Authorized users can use standard-access data. Restricted-access data with sensitive content are only available for onsite or remote service. Researchers can apply for access or download directly according to their membership type.

As an authoritative data collection agency, SRDA not only preserves the precious survey data properly, but also is responsible for data promotion. SRDA holds workshops and webinars, and promotes events on university campuses to promote data reuse to extend the data lifecycle. In order to increase exposure to potential users, SRDA also has an official Facebook fan page, a YouTube channel and a blog.

Regarding data collection and promotion services, SRDA has made great contributions and provided invaluable assistance to researchers and students. We welcome you to make good use of SRDA!

Find us at:
SRDA https://srda.sinica.edu.tw
SRDA Facebook https://www.facebook.com/srda.taiwan/
SRDA YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/SRDATW
SRDA’s Blog https://srdatw.blogspot.com/

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