CIBS Seminar - Stochastic Choice and Rational Inattention / Prof. Yi-Hsuan Lin (Assistant Research Fellow of Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica)

Conference / Seminar
Network Economics Workshop 10820

Time : 2019/09/27 (Fri.) 14:00-16:30
Place : B202 Conference Room, 2F, RCHSS, AS

Topic : Stochastic Choice and Rational Inattention

Speaker : Prof. Yi-Hsuan Lin / Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

Organizer: Center for Institution and Behavior Studies, RCHSS, Academia Sinica
Registration Deadline: 2019.09.26 (Thu.) 15:00
Registration Email:economic@ssp.sinica.edu.tw | Ms. Huang
Website: http://www.rchss.sinica.edu.tw/cibs/activity_eng.php
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