::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 17, Number 02, 2005

----     Cover
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217Procedures, Consequences, and Social Justice: On David Miller's Hybrid Thoery of Justice
 Man-to Leung
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271The Political Cost of Democracy
 Kuo-hsien Hsu
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299Organizational Involution and the Adaptability of a Leninist Political Party: The Case of the CCP
 Chien-min Chao、 Chih-chung Chang
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343How Does a Rubber Stamp Become a Roaring Lion -The Case Study of the Transformation of the Taiwanese Legislative Yuan's Role During the Process of Democratization (1950-2000)
 Da-chi Liao
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393Establishing of Nationality of Overseas Formosans and Their Problems, 1945-47
 Shi-yeoung Tand
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439Is the Conditional Audit Policy Necessary in a Two-Period Audit Secnario?
 Ruey-ji Guo、Yang-tzong Tsay、Chung-hui Liu
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----     Appendix
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