::: 《Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy》 Volume 25, Number 03, 2013

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393Social Justice, Civil Consciousness and Poverty: From the Perspective of Hegel
 Chu-yang Wei
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421A Study of the Relationship between Entrance Channels, Family Background and Test Scores—Implications for Equality and Effiency of Entrance Channels
 Yu-chen Ku、Hung-lin Tao
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457Participatory Governance and Just Sustainability: Institutional Innovation and Developmental Policies in Taiwan and China
 Ching-ping Tang、Hsiu-chao Chien、Hua Zhang
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485Economic Growth and Democracy: Some Empirical Evidence in Taiwan
 Lishu Ouyang、Tay-cheng Ma
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525Zipf's Law and City Size Distribution in China
 Chun-hung A. Lin、Mei-chun Cheng、Chih-hai Yang
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